If you’ve just moved house, you may well be looking a for a new sofa for your living room. Whether it be a corner, two-seater, or recliner sofa, you can find a credit option available for it. Most of us will not be able to afford to buy a new sofa out right so being able to pay for it in monthly or weekly installments is a huge bonus. It turns a £1000 sofa into a £10 a week sofa. During your repayments, most stores also offer you a guarantee on the Sofa as they obviously want you to continue making payments which you would most likely not do if it was damaged in any way.

Where can I get a Sofa on finance?
There are quite a few online stores which offer a buy now and pay later option on sofas including some of the UK’s top catalogues. Out of all of these, Littlewoods are the only one which offers interest free credit, however, once this period is up, their interest rates kick in. Thus, when choosing to buy from one of these stores, keep in mind how soon your budget will allow you to pay back what you owe and determine the best option and store for you.

What happens if I miss a payment?
When buying on credit a store will always do a credit check on you and this usually defines you credit limit as well as if you get accepted. If you miss are going to miss a payment for whatever reason, always contact the store to let them know your situation. Usually, they will be happy to negotiate an alternative option, as you are being honest with them and showing an intent to still make payments. If you simply ignore them and fail to make a payment, you are likely to be charged extra as well as receiving a negative mark on your credit score.