Sofas Beds from Very

Very is one of the many online stores offering the ingenious Buy Now Pay Later scheme. The site offers sofa beds on this Buy Now Pay Later scheme. The prices of the sofa beds range from £50-£600 though the average price is somewhere around £150.

Most of these products will cost the customer the price including the interest though some of the more expensive items even have discounts on them. The Buy Now Pay Later scheme is very effective for those with lower financial resources.

In this scheme, customers are charged interest on the credit which is not very high if taken for a year’s time, going to about 10% or so on the total amount. Hence, the entire amount can be paid off in monthly installments to the online store using a credit or debit card. Moreover, if you have a Very account, you can also extend the duration of your payment in case you are not ready to pay off the entire cost in 12 months. Very Buy Now Pay Later sofa beds are readily available and are a good and easy buy for all customers.