Pay Weekly on Sofa Beds from K and Co

For sofa bed customers in the UK, buying an item with a credit-financing plan can prove to be a more suitable option than paying up front. Although monthly payment options are not available, K and Company offers a variety of sofa beds at affordable prices that can be paid for in weekly installments.

Sofas Beds

Customers may select from plans over 20, 52, 104, and 156-week periods, paying a total of £291.00 including the cost of damage liability cover for the popular “Faux Leather” sofa bed. The plans all pertain to qualified customers who must complete a brief registration process to determine their credit standing.

The 20 and 52-week plans are interest free and have £11.95 and £4.60 weekly payments respectively. The 104 week plan requires £3.09 weekly payments and the 156 week plan requires £2.35 a week, both at a 34.9% APR. These costs above also do not include the optional damage liability coverage. Customers should keep in mind that these are the representative interest rates and may be subject to higher payments if their credit score is lower than average. All in all, K and Company offer a good selection with flexible payment plans to fit the customer’s needs.

For someone who has bad credit you may well be looking for a sofa without a credit check. Unfortunately, K and Co always credit check you when you open an account with them.